Aspects Picture Framing in Dorchester Brings Clarity to Glazing

Aspects Picture Framing in Dorchester

At Aspects Picture Framing in Dorchester town centre we are happy to explain the options when it comes to glazing your pictures. Because when it comes to glass not everything is as clear as you may think! If you take the time to read this item you may just be a little better informed when choosing your options when getting your artwork framed.
In the past most picture framing was glazed with standard float glass but today, with the advancement of technology and a better understanding of conservation, customers are coming to understand the benefits of better glazing and can see why it is worth considering upgrading glass to enhance and conserve their art.
At Aspects Picture Framing in Dorchester we carry six types of glass in stock with further options available to order.
Our most popular budget glass is standard 2mm float glass which is a very reasonably priced and is a good option for decorative prints, posters and pictures that customers want to look good but do not necessarily wish to conserve.
Fast becoming Aspects Picture Framing’s most popular customer choice is our “water white” glass. this glass offers extremely good clarity allowing art to be viewed clearly without the glazing obscuring the picture and allowing colours to be viewed without distortion.
Some of the customers at Aspects are concerned about the reflection of artificial light from there lamps and wall light and to deal with this one of the best options is our “reflection control” glass. This is an much improved version of the traditional “non reflective” which did cut down the light reflection but very much obscured the picture and gave colours a greenish tinge. The modern “reflection control” glazing has overcome this problem and is a great option for art to be hung in darker spaces that rely on artificial lighting.
Now even though Aspects Picture Framing is located in Dorchester, which no longer seems to be affected by to many long hot glorious summer days, sunlight is always the biggest problem when it comes to conserving your artwork. Most people are aware of the damage done to any artwork exposed to sunlight and do endeavour to avoid homing there pictures where they will have to much exposure. However, sometimes, at some point in the day pictures may be exposed to a degree of sunlight and this will always cause some damage. Most art needs very little sunlight to be affected but the correct choice of glazing can offer protection. Aspects Picture Framing offers various solutions to this problem.
The first option to deal with sunlight is Aspects “Ultra Violet Protection” glass. This 2mm float glass is coated with a film that offers 99 percent protection from the harmful U.V rays that do so much damage to your artwork. It is a great option for the maximum protection of pictures without breaking the bank.
Our favourite option for glass at Aspects Picture Framing is our “Conservation Clear View” glass. Though this glass is a little more expensive it offers exceptional clarity along side an ultraviolet protection rating of 70 percent. This glass is so clear many customers have to tap it to be sure it is even there! It is a great choice if you want to view your pictures at their very best along with the knowledge that it has a good degree of protection.
Last but far from least is Aspects Picture Framing’s “Museum” glass. So called as it is used in museums throughout the world as it offers the ultimate in viewing clarity and protection. This is a fantastic product and should you choose it you can be confident that your art has been given the best protection available and will be conserved for many years to come.
As far as Aspects picture Framing glass in stock goes that about covers if. Other options are available to order including laminate glass and various acrylic options for safe installations in public arrears.
Well congratulations if you got to the end of this blog. It may not be everybody’s idea of a good read but it does contain some helpful information when it comes to getting the results you want when having your pictures framed. At Aspects Picture Framing in Dorchester we are always happy to take the time to discuss all your framing requirements so feel free to call us if you want any more information.
Thanks for reading. Bruce

Aspects Picture framing in Dorchester

Confused About Glazing? Aspects Picture Framing  in Dorchester has the answers.

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