Mountboard Selection at Aspects Picture Framing in Dorchester

20151105_135754Mountboard selection at Aspects Picture Framing in Dorchester

At Aspects Picture Framing in Dorchester we have a large stock of mountboards in a wide selection of colours. Sounds great but when it comes to picking a suitable mountboard for your artwork the choice can be a little more involved. Of course, at Aspects, there will always be someone to guide you through the selection process. In the meantime here’s a brief explanation how choose and use mountboard to show your artwork to its best.

Aspects Picture Framing carries three different grades of mountboard to ensure we can provide the correct type for the job.

Option one would be our “Standard Range”. This mountboard has a surface, core and backing paper buffered with calcium carbonate to ensure it will not damage your picture. Its decorative paper is highly bleed and fade resistant. Picture framers should use this type of mounboard for mounting open edition prints, posters and photography.

Option two is Aspects Picture Framing’s “Conservation Range”. Our most popular quality Mountboard. These are 100 percent alpha cellulose conservation quality boards. They are lignum free and are buffered with calcium carbonate. These are very good quality mountboards and are age resistant. At Aspects we recommend this quality of mountboard for use with fine art prints, limited editions, valuable documents and photography.

The third option is our range of “Museum” mountboard. These are the finest mountboards manufacured from one hundred percent cotton rag. They are solid colour boards. They are unbuffered and lignun free. Though these mountboards are more expensive Aspects Picture Framing recommends there use when framing ┬ávaluable pieces of original art, rare and antique documents, fine art prints and valuable photography.

Ok, you’ve chosen your mountboard colour and quality. Check its available in the thickness you require. Are you happy with white core? Perhaps you would rather have a traditional cream core or a funky modern striped core? Now we are getting there. However, its still a lot easier to just call in at Aspects Picture Framing in Dorchester and let us help you with your selection because once you have selected your perfect mountboard you just need to decide how you are going to use it to best suit your artwork.

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